"... pampa, madera y lana". The region of Magellan and Antarctic Chilean and wool go hand in hand. Since 1876, sheep farming has developed in these inhospitable latitudes, leaving an indelible mark over time. The shepherd and his dogs are part of the natural landscape of these southern lands.

In the Patagonian pampas, the sheep feed freely, browsing thousands of hectares for months, to offer us their abundant wool during the summer shearing.

The shearing process, indispensable to the health and happiness of sheep, as well as the equipment used, has been perfected over time. The sheep only spend a few minutes with the shepherd, responsible for recovering all the wool that grew during a year of grazing in the open air, in the interminable Magellan pampas

We want to bring you the best of our southern Patagonia, through the delicate hands of artisans, who create with love and patience unique pieces, filled with stories passed down through generations.