The unique pieces that we present on our site, are the result of beautiful encounters with passionate people who want to pass on an emotion through their hands and works.

In our search to rescue the most authentic, it was fundamental for us to integrate in this selection of products, pieces created by the hands of artisans descendants of the tribes that inhabited the pampas of Patagonia for thousands of years.

This is why, on our site, we have the privilege of having a series of art works created by one of the last descendant Kaweskar who has worked since his childhood the art of weaving bulrushes, a raw material that must be collected during the warm months, to give shape to baskets and other objects that were of vital importance to their ancestors, and that today modern man occupies for decoration.

On the other hand, Javier Canales modeling the Patagonian clay invites us to enter the daily life of the original peoples of Tierra del Fuego, creating delicate pieces full of the energy of the end of the world.

We invite you to be part of this trip.