Authentic Patagonia born from the need to bring a little closer the wonders of this distant Earth to this side of the world. Desired by many for centuries, this indomitable pampa is still free, as free as the incessant wind that crosses it and models the landscape, making it unique and unrepeatable.

The founder of this website, born in Chilean Patagonia, works exclusively and directly with renowned artisans in the region with whom we have created bonds of trust and mutual cooperation. In other words, there are no intermediaries between the creative process and the selection of products. She has carefully chosen each of the pieces present on the site, inspired by the red sunsets under the infinite sky of Tierra del Fuego, the furious comings and goings of the waves in the Strait of Magellan, the land covered in gold color of the coirón, the bluish white of the Glaciers, the smell of wool and wood. As well as the energy left in each corner by the primitive peoples.

Each object has a soul, tells a story, is a journey to the end of the world.

As a team we are happy to pass on this passion for the austral land to our clients.