The Lenga, or beech of Tierra del Fuego (Nothofagus pumilio), is native to the southern Andean Cordillera, and in particular to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, hence its name. The forests of Lenga occupy an area of 3.4 million hectares in Chile, of which only 1/3 are authorized for commercial use by Chilean legislation, with a limited production volume to guarantee a sustainable exploitation

Each piece of Lenga is unique, it tells a story through its circles and color shades. It is a noble and refined material.

In Authentic Patagonia, we want to share with you the richness of the noble resources that exist in these beautiful distant lands. We pay special attention to the selection of our suppliers, who respect strict standards and participate in the protection of the environment, especially when it comes to a pure ecosystem that we meet there, at the end of the world. This is how we established our relationship with a responsible company, which works in the respect, preservation and conservation of the natural environment.

You will have the opportunity to use products that have a negative carbon footprint.

On our website you will find Lenga furniture created for us, as well as kitchen boards from IGNIS TERRA. This company has demonstrated since its creation a strong commitment to respect for the environment, by carrying out responsible forest exploitation. All of its products issued from a 15,000 hectare Tierra del Fuego plantation are FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®), and are processed in their own plant which uses renewable energy.

Because we love Patagonia, we take care of it and respect it